If you want productive conversations, genuine connections and capacity to be an advocate or ally at the workplace, then you are in the right place.

We promise you more...
Confidence... to ask questions, share your perspective, and advocate. 
Peace of Mind...when interacting, learning or advocating. 
Courage... to make a mistake, correct and reach out within and across racial groups. 

Participants said..

"My eye were opened. Reminded me that I'm not alone in wanting deeper affect positive change."

Amanda’s sure and spirited leadership allowed a community to form that encouraged trust, growth and reflection.

I learned tools and strategies for exploring my own implicit biases and addressing racial injustice, and I have gotten resources to explore and continue my learning. 

I take new knowledge on how to proceed with my social justice work and I think it is going to be helpful in terms of my personal growth. It was WONDERFUL. Thank you.

The workshop was about how to hold ourselves in a racially divided world --- how to care for ourselves and take up the work.

I’d been searching for years for writing and strategies for social justice that I could relate to on a spiritual level; you connected those things.  There’s a lot of agitation and movement building but we don’t get the time to heal within the community, as friends and partners."



Five Sessions. Tuesdays 6-8:30pm
March 21st, 28th, April 18th, 25th and May 9th, 2017


 Registration is $349.


Scholarships Available (must apply online)
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Dr. Amanda Kemp

Author, Facilitator, Performer

Amanda Kemp graduated from Stanford University and earned a PhD from Northwestern University.  She has taught at the University level for over a decade and served as a Pennsylvania Commonwealth Lecturer.  The Founder of Theatre for Transformation, Kemp has reached over 25,000 people in her artistic and academic residencies at schools, colleges, and faith gatherings.  She is currently touring INSPIRA:  The Power of the Spiritual.  When not traveling, she resides in Lancaster, PA with her husband violinist Michael Jamanis, their five children and chocolate lab Jake.  For speaking, residency, or her Tribe of the H.E.A.R.T. Community information, see

Fruition 24 W. Walnut Street
Lancaster, PA 17603